Dog Subscription Boxes Reviews + Coupon Codes

Here are condensed reviews and comparison’s of the 5 dog subscriptions we have tried so far, and ones we plan on trying in the future! Feel free to comment your favorite boxes! ūüôā For more in depth reviews refer to previous posts!!


– Most customize-able
– monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly delivery options
– grain-free, or dietary restriction options
– Strong chewer boxes, soft cuddly boxes, a mix of both
РToys and accessories only,  treats only, and other choices
– High quality toys and products from USA and Canada
Р 5 dog sizes
– $23+ per month
– Donates to animal rescues
– No info. card
– Average referral program


Box Furr You
– 2 products for $14.99 or 4-5 for $24.99
– Small family business
– High quality name brand treats and toys
– Different tissue each month themed off month so human can reuse
– No custom box
– 10% profits go to Paw Print Project


Pet Treater
– Lots of items in boxes 6+
– $19.99 – $24.99 /mo.
– A mix of treats, toys, and accessories
– High quality treats
– Includes an item for humans
– optional add-ons
– Not as high quality of toys as in other boxes
– Can’t see us using some of the products
FREE bed with first box use code PT-BED



– High quality toys and treats mostly grain free / made in USA
– Toys last a very long time (even plush ones)
– You can request tougher toys if you have a tough chewer
– Phenomenal customer service
– Clever monthly themes
– Info card & ability to reorder favorites on the Bark Shop
– Generous referral program
– Extra toy option
– 5-6 treats and toys for $19-$29 /mo.
– no accessories or grooming items
– support 3,000+ shelters and rescues
– FREE month with new subscription use code GOLDENBJORN
РFREE mystery treat with Bark Shop purchase use Code C4QNR5SM   Bark Shop



– Monthly themes
– High quality treats
– Average to above average quality toys
– $18.99 – $28.99 /mo.
– Don’t require you to pay yearly subscriptions up front
– Some stuff doesn’t seem useful to our needs / wants
– Donates to American Vet Dogs
50% OFF your first box follow link, no code needed 50% off PetGiftBox


Boxes we are considering trying in the future!

Dish by Rachel Ray Review


(We received this free from Influenster for testing purposes)

Over the past 7-8 days I have gradually incorporated Dish by Rachel Ray into Bjorn’s meals.

The Pros
I do like and appreciate the wholesome ingredients in this food and that there aren’t any byproducts.
Bjorn REALLY liked the flavor of this, and ate it ravenously
There are dried carrots, peas, apples, and chicken jerky that you can see as well as a mostly chicken kibble.
Refer to images for other ingredients

FullSizeRender (14)FullSizeRender (13)

As you can see it has a good mix of ingredients and added vitamins and minerals.


The Cons

Although Bjorn loves the flavor I have noticed some things with him that I do not like.
First, since eating this food he seems to have much larger and harder to get out poops.
He also hasn’t gone as often and seems to be a bit constipated from it,
(I’m not sure exactly what is different or lacking about this compared to Fromm which he currently eats that would make him more constipated because they have very similar analysis)
Going along with that the serving size for his size/weight with this food is 50% more than the Fromm four star grain free food he currently eats is, which tells me there is less nutrition per unit – hence the larger poops.

Here is a photo of 50% Dish and 50% Fromm Four Star Grain Free.
The photos of the Dish food show a lot of dried veggies and jerky but the amount that is actually in the mix is a lot less, as you can see.


Conclusively, I do think this is a great food, and definitely packs a lot of nutrition without the fillers and byproducts you are going to find in other foods. ¬†Best of all, my picky eater absolutely loves it. ¬†I do think they need to add a little more of the dried veggies and fruits to the mix as the batch we got at least didn’t have much at all. ¬†I would also like to see them maybe add some more healthy oils or moisture to help it pass more easily. ¬†I’ll give it an 7.5/10 not knowing what the price point will be.




Thanks to Influenster for the opportunity to try out and review this food!

Pearlesque Box + Coupon Code + March Spoilers

Pearlesque Box is a monthly box of natural beauty products from different locations around the world. ¬†Each month they pick a location and a brand from that location. ¬†Products are mostly full sized or travel sized and are all natural and don’t have the weird chemicals you will find in some of the big brands in stores.

Boxes are $39.99/mo.

Use code PEARL10 to get 10% off your first month.  Pearlesque Box

February’s box was Cantik, Indonesia and included four products from the brand Juara. ¬†One was full-sized, and the other three were travel-sized. ¬†The box value was over $80.


Juara doesn’t do any animal testing, is paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, has no harsh chemicals, and no artificial coloring. What more could you ask for? Not to mention, their products have a wonderful light smell to them that I have grown to love.

I especially love this box because these are product I probably would never have heard of or tried if it wasn’t for this. ¬†Love it!



The march Pearlesque box will contain three full-sized products from the Canadian brand Skin Essence Organics. ¬†It will include a Fresh Facial Cleaners, A Nourishing Facial Moisturizer, and an Ocular Eye Serum (Total Value: $82). ¬†This brand’s skin care products are certified organic and have no added chemicals or fillers.

Future Boxes

April – OSEA from Malibu
May – ILA from the UK
June – Odeia from Greece



Pet Treater + Code for Free Bed


Pet Treater is  monthly subscription box for dogs (I think they just released a cat one also).  Each month you receive a box of 6-8 (ish) treats, toys, accessories, and something for a human.  Boxes are $24.99/mo for month to month and go down to $19.99/mo for a yearly subscription paid up front. Boxes come in three sizes. Pet treater also has add-ons from time to time like extra treats or other dog related goods that they will ship for free with your box.

Check out Pet Treater and use code PT-BED for a free bed with your first box. Pet Treater


Each box has a little hand written envelope with a letter inside made out to your pet.

This box was February’s box and contained two bags of treats, one bag of baked dog cookies, three toys, a bandana, a fleece pet throw, and the book “Wise Dogs”


The box was Valentine’s themed which was cute, but I didn’t really like that the bandana said “Romeo” on it. ¬†It would have been cuter with just the bones and hearts. Judging by Bjorn’s face I think he agrees.

The large blue blob in the box is like a monster toy of sorts. ¬†It would be okay except the fibers that make up the fur fall out really easily and I don’t want Bjorn to consume them, so this toy is a no go.

The dinosaur and the fur ever plush toy are both squeaky and decent toys.

The fleece pet throw helps support the ASPCA.

Bjorn refused to eat the baked heart cookies that were in here.  I offered it to him and he took it and chucked it away from him and looked at me like I was crazy for having offered that to him.  Fair enough.  haha!

Overall, for $24.99 it wasn’t a bad box, and when I look at previous boxes they look better than this one was. These boxes are really big compared to other dog boxes and loaded with stuff! I think a lot of these products just weren’t the best things for Bjorn.


February Bulu Box + FREE Month

We received the February Weight Loss Bulu box.  Both my parents are disabled and have trouble getting enough exercise, so they thought they might see what Bulu had to offer.

Bulu box has two boxes “Original” and “Weight Loss” which include snack food, drinks, supplements, etc. to help you meet ¬†your health and wellness goals. Bulu Box is $10/month or $9.17/month for a yearly subscription. ¬†If you review the products in your box you earn 10 points each or $1 each toward any future purchase on Bulu. ¬†Our box has 7 samples, so we have the opportunity to get 70 points added to our account or $7 of credit which can be used towards a purchase. ¬†All of the samples can be purchased in full-size on their website.

Get your second month of Bulu Box FREE.  Follow link and use code FANTASTIC
 Bulu Box

Other current promos:
3 months for $15 use code 3BOXES
6 months for $29 use code 6BOXES
12 months for $54 use code 12BOxes




February Hustle Crate + 15% off

Hustle Crate is a brand new monthly subscription box known as the “Millionaires Book Club”. ¬†Boxes include one “actionable” book and 3-5 other items to help you “get your hustle on”.

Hustle crate is  $29.99/month and goes down to $27.08/month for yearly subscriptions.

Use code HUSTLEFOR15 to get 15% off your subscription Hustle Crate


This is their very first box (February) and it included:

  1. The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris ($11.69 on Amazon)
  2. 24 Hour Business Plan Template by Steven Fies ($11.95 on Amazon)
  3. Barnes and Noble Notebook (It says notepads on the info sticker?) ¬†I couldn’t find this exact one on the internet anywhere, but I’m guessing a $5-$8 value based on comparable notebooks.
  4. Cafe Santo Domingo Coffee ($4.35+Shipping on one site $9.25 on Amazon)
  5. Ballpoint Pen (nicer than average, writes well) ($3-$5 value?)

Total Estimated Value $35.99 – $45.89

I’m not a coffee drinker but I do enjoy these products. ¬†One of my emphases in college was entrepreneurship, and after glancing over the contents of these books I can appreciate how helpful they are / would be in starting a business. ¬†The 24 Hour Business plan is also a really cool streamlined guide to forming a business plan which can seem scary if you’ve never prepared one. ¬†These products would be helpful even if you had a basic idea and wanted to test its feasibility by following the steps and learning from other entrepreneurs from these books. ¬†I’m a firm believer you can never have too many notebooks…or pens. ¬†I look forward to seeing what they put in their future boxes.

All in all, I don’t think this box is for everyone, but if your inner entrepreneur is trying to bloom or you want to become a more productive individual, I think this is a subscription worth trying. ¬†I am also keeping in mind that this is their first box and they will probably improve as they learn and grow!

Fun fact: they are out of Canada? I was a little confused when I saw the postage came from Quebec.  Shipping was still free though!! WIN!

Get your hustle on!


Limited Time! $25 off your first FabFitFun Box!!!

FabFitFun is offering $25 off your first box (spring box) if you sign up with referral link by Monday, Feb. 22nd 12pm PST.

Follow link to take advantage of this deal!!! FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a quarterly beauty and lifestyle box.  Boxes usually include a fitness related item, some sort of accessory, and other beauty and home products.  Box value is $200 or more and costs $49.99/quarter or less if you buy a longer subscription.  Using the $25 credit that makes your first box only $25!! 50% off!!!


February PetGiftBox + 50% off Coupon Code


Petgiftbox is a monthly pet subscription for dogs or cats.  They offer three sizes for dogs. Petgiftbox is $28.99/month for a monthly subscription, and goes down to $18.99/mo. for a yearly subscription.  Petgiftbox does not make you pay the whole yearly value up front, however, so it is still paid as $18.99 monthly which ends up being a significant amount of savings.  Boxes have a monthly theme.
Petgiftbox also donates part of their proceeds to America’s Vet Dogs who provide assistance to Veterans with disabilities. ¬†I really appreciate this cause because my father is actually a disabled Veteran and I see how much having Bjorn (who isn’t even a service dog) has brightened his spirits, and his ability to aid my father in some of his everyday activities (picking things up, etc).

Get 50% off your first month of PetGiftBox, follow link, no code needed PetGiftBox


February’s box was Valentine’s themed. ¬†I didn’t like this one quite as much as the January box because some of the stuff in this one didn’t seem as nicely made, but the value was still more than the cost. ¬†I checked all their MSRP prices on their product card and they were pretty accurate and not overvalued compared to online prices.
This box contained one large pack of treats which are made in USA and have a very limited ingredient list, which is nice. ¬†The other edible product was this little broken cookie. ¬†I was a little disappointed in this. ¬†I looked up the brand and they sell for $3.99 each off their gourmet dog treat website, but I would definitely never buy Bjorn a $4 cookie. ¬†He did seem to really like it though, so I guess that’s good. ¬†Petgiftbox is good about getting Made USA treats that are usually grain free or at least gluten free. ¬†
Both toys are plush squeaky toys. ¬†The dog face one by Petlou is pretty thin and has a really loud distinct squeak and the other one is stuffed. ¬†Those are pretty standard toys. ¬†My one complaint is that they don’t seem to offer very durable toys. ¬†The last box had a plush football that Bjorn destroyed the same day. ¬†If your dog likes soft toys and isn’t a crazy chewer, this is probably perfect for you. ¬†
The fifth item was a made in USA “I love my dog” magnet. ¬†I do like that it is a magnet and not a sticker so you can move it around (fridge, car, whatever). ¬†


The total value of this box was $33-$34 dollars. ¬†This the lowest value we have received so far. ¬†It’s still a pretty good value if you paid $19-$29 (depending on subscription length. Or $14.50 or less using the 50% off link).


February Boxycharm


Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box offering 4+ mostly full-sized products from higher end brands. ¬†Boxycharm is $21/mo. or less if you buy a longer term subscription. ¬†The discount for longer subscriptions isn’t as large it is for other subscriptions only about a $1.50 difference for year long subscriptions so I’d say this is one that it’s probably best just to do monthly in case you change your mind.

Boxycharm consistently has a really high value for the price.  Most boxes are over $100 value, and have great quality products from good brands.

Want Boxycharm? Follow Link to sign up!! ¬†ūüôā¬†Boxy Charm

February’s box threw me off a bit because there were more sample sized products than I expected, but the value was still well over $100.

Beauty For Real Blush + Glo ¬†Blush and Highlighter Duo¬†‚Äď Value $24
I was a little put off by the shades when I first looked at them because they looked so dark, but I swatched them and they were very sheer and pleasant colored with a subtle sparkle.

Shray¬†Moisturizing Ms. Amazing Facial Mask ‚Äď 1 mask Value $6
I haven’t tried this yet, but I generally like masks that clean all the crap out of my pores more than moisturizing ones. ¬†I’ll still give it a try!

Spongelle You Have My Heart On A String Body Wash Buffer / Polisher¬†‚Äď Value $15
I like the idea of this already having the body wash in it and that it is probably a very effective exfoliator, my only concern is with cleanliness. ¬†Scrubbers like this tend to hold a lot of germs and dead skin cells etc, so I like to throw mine in the wash or I’ve even put them through the dishwasher to kill anything that might grow there. ¬†It’s important to be careful with things that scratch your skin that you’re not putting bacteria in the little scratches that are created when you exfoliate.


Realtree Perfume 10ml  Travel Size РValue $12
I really don’t like the packaging or bottle this perfume is in. It looked very cheap to me, like something you’d get at Walmart or some bargain store. ¬†The scent is definitely a lot nicer than the container it comes in, so that’s something Realtree needs to work on with their branding and marketing, not a hard fix. ¬†The scent is sort of floraly and sweet but not overly sweet. ¬†It smells very similar to one of the Victoria’s Secret perfumes and also a lot like the Beauty Protector detangler they’ve been giving samples of in Birchbox lately. ¬†It’s a younger scent, and a little goes a long way. ¬†I do like it though!

Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum – 7 ml Value $54
This was a huge chunk of the box value. ¬†The full sized container is $115 and 15ml. ¬†I think that’s a bit steep for a brand I’ve never even heard of, but it’s nice getting to try it out because I would never spend $115 on an eye serum I’d never tried or didn’t already know and trust the brand.

OFRA Cosmetics Banana Powder – Value $12
I don’t really like the idea of my face smelling like a banana, and this powder is a little too yellow and too sheer for my needs. ¬†I like the idea of a versatile powder like this, but I don’t think it’s for me. ¬†It can be used as a concealer, a setting powder, a finishing powder, or anything else you can think of. ¬†IMG_2717

The overall value of the box was about $123. ¬†It did seem like a bit of a random assortment, but it’s nice to get a mix of things. ¬†I don’t think that’s the norm for Boxycharm, usually they fit a theme, so if this mix put you off, I wouldn’t let that change your whole view of them.

Boxy Charm

February BarkBox + Coupon Codes


BarkBox continues to impress us, and definitely sticks out from most other pet subscriptions as one of the best. ¬†The toys are consistently high-quality and the treats are made in USA or Canada and have no weird ingredients. ¬†This month’s theme was Lunar New Year.

BarkBox is a monthly subscription that runs $29/mo. for month to month and goes down to $19/mo for a yearly subscription. To get an extra toy in your monthly box, you can sign up for the extra toy club for $9 /mo. ¬†From my calculations the box value has always been around $65 give or take, so this is a fantastic deal. ¬†I have actually noticed we are spending less money on Bjorn’s toys and treats than we were when we would buy them at Petsmart.

Get One Month FREE on new subscriptions! Use code: GOLDENBJORN  Bark Box

Alternatively, Bark & Co. has  The Bark Shop, where you can make individual purchases of their products without having to subscribe to a box.  They have a ton of high quality toys and treats, bedding, stuff for dog-loving hoomans, and more!

Get a FREE mystery treat with Bark Shop purchase use code: C4QNR5SM Bark Shop


In this box there were two bags of treats, and this one was definitely Bjorn’s favorite. ¬†He went crazy for it and came back looking for more.


The Chinese food box toy in this one is basically two toys in one. ¬†The outside container is soft and has something in it that crinkles so its fun for dogs to chew and hear the sound. ¬†Inside, there is a rope toy (the noodles) that can be removed, or left in there, and it closes with velcro. ¬†I’ve never seen a toy like that with so much thought put into it, so that’s awesome. ¬†I’ve noticed photos from smaller dog’s boxes that had dumplings in theirs! Also very cool!!!


One last thing worth mentioning ¬†about Bark Box is their PHENOMENAL customer service. ¬†It is very rare that I can say that about any company’s customer service, but they truly blew me away. ¬†I had sent a gift bark box to a friend of mine and apparently they had forgotten to include the note, which I didn’t know-and would have gone on not knowing-but they noticed and e-mailed me right away how sorry they were. ¬†They explained they understood that the message is half of what makes sending the gift special. ¬†They credited me $10 for the mistake and could not have been more kind, attentive, and honest in the process. ¬†Experiences like that really make me feel tied to a company and I want to continue to do business with them!!

Case in point: BarkBox rocks!