Pupjoy – The name says it all!



Bjorn (the cutie pictured here) and I decided to try a pupjoy box, since we’re on a real box spree.  Couldn’t be happier we did.  Pupjoy is  monthly, or bimonthly, or quarterly, or pretty much whatever you want it to be – box, full of pup joy.

What makes pupjoy unique is that they offer so many ways you can customize a box to your pup, more so than any other subscription we have tried, so if customization is something you’re looking for, this could be the box for you!

⇓Check it out ⇓


First you pick your box size, then you choose the type.  We choose the “Toys and Accessories Only” option because he gets so many treats I didn’t think he needed anymore or else soon he’d turn into a golden butter ball instead of a retriever.  😉


Next you choose your treat preference! Got a picky eater? Allergies? Grain-free? They got what you need!


The next two parts are my favorite, because I loved the descriptions.  “So curious that I pull apart all of the soft ones to see what is inside”…hmmm sound familiar? We nonetheless chose Egalitarian, and were pleasantly surprised at the toughness of even the tiny stuffed crab.


Moving on, you then choose how big your fur child is.  Bjorn falls under the “large” category.   I especially love that they break it into more than 3 size groups, because 50 pounds and up is way too broad for you mastiff and other gentle giant parents out there, who will probably find the toys are still, sadly, too small.  Similarly, pocket-sized pups can’t necessarily chew on something a 25lb. dog can. You get the picture.


You mean there’s more? That’s right! You get to to choose how often you want the boxes and how many you want to purchase.


Here are the prices, which I think are pretty in line with comparable boxes.


Other things we really liked about this box:

PupJoy offers accessories from BaitFree which is a company devoted to rescuing “bait dogs” They also include toys made in Canada and the U.S. so you know you’re not feeding your dog lead or some other terrible thing.  Bjorn really enjoys his mailman from Pride Bites.  They’re cool because they are machine washable and also float in the pool, yet still soft.  This box also featured a cute moose by Fou Fou Brands, and a skunk toy that’s made out of a fabric like a fire hose, aka super tough.

My only complaint

They didn’t include an info card like most boxes do, but fortunately I am a hooman and I could read the tags on the toys and put it together for myself.  Definitely impressed with them on the whole – Bjorn concurs.

Want some pupjoy in your life?  PupJoy




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