BookCase.Club Unboxing

BookCase Club is my favorite book subscription box I’ve had so far.  What is unique about it is that it offers 6 different boxes/genres to pick from so your books are best suited to your reading preference.  I feel like most book subscriptions generally only cater to young adult books, but this one gives you some other options, including one for children. I decided to get the “Thrill Seeker Case” and may end up trying the “Strange Worlds Case” as well.

Each month you receive 2 books (at least one hardcover sometimes both) from your preferred genre.  All this for just $9.99/mo + $5 shipping which works out to $7.50 per book! Another option (the one I chose) is to buy the whole year for $160 including shipping.  That’s 24 books and works out to $6.67 a book, delivered! Impressive.

Last but not least, I enjoyed the handwritten note made out to me and some info on the books included!

Check it out for yourself and get a couple books a month to encourage you to read more or maybe discover a new genre! Book mail is happy mail! 🙂

BookCase Club




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