Bark Shop + code for Free mystery treat

Want fun doggy goods but don’t want the commitment of a monthly subscription? Head over to the bark shop where you can find toys, treats, chews, beds, stuff for hoomans, the list goes on.
Here is our most recent Bark shop purchase!
If you decide to check it out for yourself head on over to Bark Shop and enter code C4QNR5SM to get a free mystery treat with your first purchase!!! Pawsome!


We thought “The Dognald” was too hilarious to pass up.  Bjorn won’t be chewing on that one, but it’ll be a funny keepsake.

The Yeti bone is definitely going to be a repeat purchase for us.  Bjorn loves it, it doesn’t make him gassy like some chews, and it lasts a lot longer than comparable ones like the milkbone brushing chew etc.

We received a Lady Liberty head in our January BarkBox and he LOVES it.  It is holding up so well.  I am actually shocked at how well it’s held up.  He’s chewed off her crown for the most part but the ball is like a thick nubbed (for lack of a better description) rubber squeaky ball with super soft somehow simultaneously tough fabric on the outside.  It bounces really well too! Maybe not the right toy if you have a super intense chewer, but for an average chewer (maybe even above average) it’s still very alive and well after 3-4 weeks of use. It comes in three sizes (2.75″ , 3.75″, and 4.75″) We  bought this one for the day his first one finally kicks the bucket.



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