February PopSugar Must Have + $5 Off


While I was definitely excited about the January PopSugar Must Have box, the February one has totally blown me away!
PopSugar Must Have is a $39.99/mo Monthly Subscription box delivering a mix of beauty products, household goods, accessories, and yummy treats.  Boxes are valued at over $100.
Sign up for PopSugar Must Have and use code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5   POPSUGAR Must Have
February Included:
  1. Tilo Heart Print Scarf (Retail Value $125) – Now I personally would never spend $125 on a scarf unless it was Burberry or a nice silk/cashmere.  But even if this scarf was only $20 that alone would cover half the price of the box! 🙂 it is 100% modal and very soft!!!


  2. Beauty Counter Cleansing Balm (Retail Value $50) – I especially like that this comes with a little spatula to scoop the cleansing balm out with so you aren’t contaminating it with your fingers!
  3. Fringe Studio Hello Beautiful Square Tray (Retail Value $14) – I love this little tray.  I will probably use it for rings or even display it in my bathroom maybe – haven’t decided.  Blue is my favorite color and I love the pretty gold lettering on top!


  4. Victoria’s Secret Coconut Milk Hydrating Body Lotion (Retail Value $18) – this is the only product in the box that I won’t be using because I literally hate coconut scented products.  I feel like 60% of boxes I’ve received across numerous subscriptions have had a ton of coconut scented products in them, PLEASE STOP haha.  I know some people love it but everything in moderation! This was still awesome and an $18 value. 12oz!
  5. Victoria’s Secret $20 reward card – This I really liked because most gift cards I have received in boxes have a minimum you have to spend to use the card or all the products are outrageously expensive.  This has no minimum and will basically cut a bra purchase in half or cover 4/5 of a 5 for $26 panty purchase.  Can’t complain!
  6. Victoria’s Secret Sport Socks (Retail Value $5) -VS has infiltrated the ministry (3 items!!), these socks are awesome and have the little cushioned backs and arch support that make socks so much more comfortable to wear.


  7.  Foodstirs Heart Cookie Mix (Retail Value $12) – This was awesome because it has basically everything you need already mixed up for ya. The cookie cutter is super cute and making this would be fun activity to do with kids, or anyone really!


  8. JewelryStorm Endless Arrow Ring (Retail Value $29) – This ring is super cute and conveniently adjustable so one size fits all.  I loved this because I tend to be in between sizes.  7 is too big, 6 is too tight, this one is just right!
This box ended up having a total value over $200 and I’m pretty much in love with everything.  This is a box I think I’ll stick with for a while (I feel like I’m saying that about all of them haha my bank account is crying 😛  )




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