Book of the Month + Coupon Code


Book of the month is a monthly book subscription (as the name suggests haha).  Five curators (often authors) choose one book each for that month.  You then choose which of the five you would like in your box! If you want more than one you can get up to 2 additional books for $9.99 each.  The books are hardcover and come sealed with a note from the curator on why they chose this specific book.

Book of the month is $16.99/month or goes down to $11.99/month for yearly plans.

Follow Link and use code BOOK10 to get $10 off your 3 month or longer membership. 

Book of the Month


These were the choices for February.  I chose The Night Charter which was chosen by the Judge Nina Sankovitch.  You can read about the books and why the judges chose them before selecting which one you want.  You choose the books within the first few days of each month and they arrive usually around the 10th or so of the month.


The presentation is really nice and the books are always hardcover big name books, not obscure paperbacks that people are trying to get rid of.

Book of the Month is a really great way to discover new titles and be more sure of your selection after referring to the judges opinions!  I also appreciate this subscription because it is one of the few that are not devoted solely to YA novels.  I know there is a huge following and love for that genre, but there are so many other fantastic works out there to enjoy! This helps people familiarize themselves with their options 🙂


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