February BarkBox + Coupon Codes


BarkBox continues to impress us, and definitely sticks out from most other pet subscriptions as one of the best.  The toys are consistently high-quality and the treats are made in USA or Canada and have no weird ingredients.  This month’s theme was Lunar New Year.

BarkBox is a monthly subscription that runs $29/mo. for month to month and goes down to $19/mo for a yearly subscription. To get an extra toy in your monthly box, you can sign up for the extra toy club for $9 /mo.  From my calculations the box value has always been around $65 give or take, so this is a fantastic deal.  I have actually noticed we are spending less money on Bjorn’s toys and treats than we were when we would buy them at Petsmart.

Get One Month FREE on new subscriptions! Use code: GOLDENBJORN  Bark Box

Alternatively, Bark & Co. has  The Bark Shop, where you can make individual purchases of their products without having to subscribe to a box.  They have a ton of high quality toys and treats, bedding, stuff for dog-loving hoomans, and more!

Get a FREE mystery treat with Bark Shop purchase use code: C4QNR5SM Bark Shop


In this box there were two bags of treats, and this one was definitely Bjorn’s favorite.  He went crazy for it and came back looking for more.


The Chinese food box toy in this one is basically two toys in one.  The outside container is soft and has something in it that crinkles so its fun for dogs to chew and hear the sound.  Inside, there is a rope toy (the noodles) that can be removed, or left in there, and it closes with velcro.  I’ve never seen a toy like that with so much thought put into it, so that’s awesome.  I’ve noticed photos from smaller dog’s boxes that had dumplings in theirs! Also very cool!!!


One last thing worth mentioning  about Bark Box is their PHENOMENAL customer service.  It is very rare that I can say that about any company’s customer service, but they truly blew me away.  I had sent a gift bark box to a friend of mine and apparently they had forgotten to include the note, which I didn’t know-and would have gone on not knowing-but they noticed and e-mailed me right away how sorry they were.  They explained they understood that the message is half of what makes sending the gift special.  They credited me $10 for the mistake and could not have been more kind, attentive, and honest in the process.  Experiences like that really make me feel tied to a company and I want to continue to do business with them!!

Case in point: BarkBox rocks!



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