February PetGiftBox + 50% off Coupon Code


Petgiftbox is a monthly pet subscription for dogs or cats.  They offer three sizes for dogs. Petgiftbox is $28.99/month for a monthly subscription, and goes down to $18.99/mo. for a yearly subscription.  Petgiftbox does not make you pay the whole yearly value up front, however, so it is still paid as $18.99 monthly which ends up being a significant amount of savings.  Boxes have a monthly theme.
Petgiftbox also donates part of their proceeds to America’s Vet Dogs who provide assistance to Veterans with disabilities.  I really appreciate this cause because my father is actually a disabled Veteran and I see how much having Bjorn (who isn’t even a service dog) has brightened his spirits, and his ability to aid my father in some of his everyday activities (picking things up, etc).

Get 50% off your first month of PetGiftBox, follow link, no code needed PetGiftBox


February’s box was Valentine’s themed.  I didn’t like this one quite as much as the January box because some of the stuff in this one didn’t seem as nicely made, but the value was still more than the cost.  I checked all their MSRP prices on their product card and they were pretty accurate and not overvalued compared to online prices.
This box contained one large pack of treats which are made in USA and have a very limited ingredient list, which is nice.  The other edible product was this little broken cookie.  I was a little disappointed in this.  I looked up the brand and they sell for $3.99 each off their gourmet dog treat website, but I would definitely never buy Bjorn a $4 cookie.  He did seem to really like it though, so I guess that’s good.  Petgiftbox is good about getting Made USA treats that are usually grain free or at least gluten free.  
Both toys are plush squeaky toys.  The dog face one by Petlou is pretty thin and has a really loud distinct squeak and the other one is stuffed.  Those are pretty standard toys.  My one complaint is that they don’t seem to offer very durable toys.  The last box had a plush football that Bjorn destroyed the same day.  If your dog likes soft toys and isn’t a crazy chewer, this is probably perfect for you.  
The fifth item was a made in USA “I love my dog” magnet.  I do like that it is a magnet and not a sticker so you can move it around (fridge, car, whatever).  


The total value of this box was $33-$34 dollars.  This the lowest value we have received so far.  It’s still a pretty good value if you paid $19-$29 (depending on subscription length. Or $14.50 or less using the 50% off link).



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