Pet Treater + Code for Free Bed


Pet Treater is  monthly subscription box for dogs (I think they just released a cat one also).  Each month you receive a box of 6-8 (ish) treats, toys, accessories, and something for a human.  Boxes are $24.99/mo for month to month and go down to $19.99/mo for a yearly subscription paid up front. Boxes come in three sizes. Pet treater also has add-ons from time to time like extra treats or other dog related goods that they will ship for free with your box.

Check out Pet Treater and use code PT-BED for a free bed with your first box. Pet Treater


Each box has a little hand written envelope with a letter inside made out to your pet.

This box was February’s box and contained two bags of treats, one bag of baked dog cookies, three toys, a bandana, a fleece pet throw, and the book “Wise Dogs”


The box was Valentine’s themed which was cute, but I didn’t really like that the bandana said “Romeo” on it.  It would have been cuter with just the bones and hearts. Judging by Bjorn’s face I think he agrees.

The large blue blob in the box is like a monster toy of sorts.  It would be okay except the fibers that make up the fur fall out really easily and I don’t want Bjorn to consume them, so this toy is a no go.

The dinosaur and the fur ever plush toy are both squeaky and decent toys.

The fleece pet throw helps support the ASPCA.

Bjorn refused to eat the baked heart cookies that were in here.  I offered it to him and he took it and chucked it away from him and looked at me like I was crazy for having offered that to him.  Fair enough.  haha!

Overall, for $24.99 it wasn’t a bad box, and when I look at previous boxes they look better than this one was. These boxes are really big compared to other dog boxes and loaded with stuff! I think a lot of these products just weren’t the best things for Bjorn.



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