Dish by Rachel Ray Review


(We received this free from Influenster for testing purposes)

Over the past 7-8 days I have gradually incorporated Dish by Rachel Ray into Bjorn’s meals.

The Pros
I do like and appreciate the wholesome ingredients in this food and that there aren’t any byproducts.
Bjorn REALLY liked the flavor of this, and ate it ravenously
There are dried carrots, peas, apples, and chicken jerky that you can see as well as a mostly chicken kibble.
Refer to images for other ingredients

FullSizeRender (14)FullSizeRender (13)

As you can see it has a good mix of ingredients and added vitamins and minerals.


The Cons

Although Bjorn loves the flavor I have noticed some things with him that I do not like.
First, since eating this food he seems to have much larger and harder to get out poops.
He also hasn’t gone as often and seems to be a bit constipated from it,
(I’m not sure exactly what is different or lacking about this compared to Fromm which he currently eats that would make him more constipated because they have very similar analysis)
Going along with that the serving size for his size/weight with this food is 50% more than the Fromm four star grain free food he currently eats is, which tells me there is less nutrition per unit – hence the larger poops.

Here is a photo of 50% Dish and 50% Fromm Four Star Grain Free.
The photos of the Dish food show a lot of dried veggies and jerky but the amount that is actually in the mix is a lot less, as you can see.


Conclusively, I do think this is a great food, and definitely packs a lot of nutrition without the fillers and byproducts you are going to find in other foods.  Best of all, my picky eater absolutely loves it.  I do think they need to add a little more of the dried veggies and fruits to the mix as the batch we got at least didn’t have much at all.  I would also like to see them maybe add some more healthy oils or moisture to help it pass more easily.  I’ll give it an 7.5/10 not knowing what the price point will be.




Thanks to Influenster for the opportunity to try out and review this food!


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