Dog Subscription Boxes Reviews + Coupon Codes

Here are condensed reviews and comparison’s of the 5 dog subscriptions we have tried so far, and ones we plan on trying in the future! Feel free to comment your favorite boxes! šŸ™‚ For more in depth reviews refer to previous posts!!


– Most customize-able
– monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly delivery options
– grain-free, or dietary restriction options
– Strong chewer boxes, soft cuddly boxes, a mix of both
– Toys and accessories only, Ā treats only, and other choices
– High quality toys and products from USA and Canada
– Ā 5 dog sizes
– $23+ per month
– Donates to animal rescues
– No info. card
– Average referral program


Box Furr You
– 2 products for $14.99 or 4-5 for $24.99
– Small family business
– High quality name brand treats and toys
– Different tissue each month themed off month so human can reuse
– No custom box
– 10% profits go to Paw Print Project


Pet Treater
– Lots of items in boxes 6+
– $19.99 – $24.99 /mo.
– A mix of treats, toys, and accessories
– High quality treats
– Includes an item for humans
– optional add-ons
– Not as high quality of toys as in other boxes
– Can’t see us using some of the products
FREE bed with first box use code PT-BED



– High quality toys and treats mostly grain free / made in USA
– Toys last a very long time (even plush ones)
– You can request tougher toys if you have a tough chewer
– Phenomenal customer service
– Clever monthly themes
– Info card & ability to reorder favorites on the Bark Shop
– Generous referral program
– Extra toy option
– 5-6 treats and toys for $19-$29 /mo.
– no accessories or grooming items
– support 3,000+ shelters and rescues
– FREE month with new subscription use code GOLDENBJORN
– FREE mystery treat with Bark Shop purchase use CodeĀ C4QNR5SM Ā Ā Bark Shop



– Monthly themes
– High quality treats
– Average to above average quality toys
– $18.99 – $28.99 /mo.
– Don’t require you to pay yearly subscriptions up front
– Some stuff doesn’t seem useful to our needs / wants
– Donates to American Vet Dogs
50% OFF your first box follow link, no code neededĀ 50% off PetGiftBox


Boxes we are considering trying in the future!


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