Threads + Coupon Code

Threads is a new monthly t-shirt and accessory subscription box. For $20 a  month you get a shirt, 1-2 pieces of jewelry, and 1-2 accessories.

This bag had a black crossbody purse, a cute elephant necklace, a Nirvana T-shirt, and a (really ugly colored) beanie.

The Good: I really like the cross body bag and the chevron stitching, and I like elephants a lot, so it is a neat necklace to have.

The Bad: It is definitely worth the $20 but there were some things about it I didn’t like.
1. I signed up for a Women’s size Medium, and the shirt I received was a Large (However, this may have been intentional because it was small for a large).  The t-shirt also has a very tiny neck hole and isn’t very soft.
2. That God awful, cat diarrhea colored, curry colored(if you’re being kind), beanie.  I even edited the photo so the color isn’t nearly as bad in the picture as it was in real life.  Maybe on the right dark haired person this wouldn’t look bad, but I am a blonde with cool /neutral skin, and this is a BIG no no for me. lol

The Ugly:
THE BEANIE *cringes*

If you look past the hat, this is actually pretty cool bag and I’m sure that won’t be in all the future ones haha.  Threads definitely gives you a fair amount for $20.
Check them out:  Threads and use code THREADS to save 10%


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