Face Primer Review!

Over the last few weeks I tried these six primers in an effort to find the one that’s perfect (or almost perfect) for me! I never used to wear a primer because I had only tried one, and hated it, and assumed they all sucked haha.  Lo and behold! There are some good ones out there!

So which was my favorite? 
Hands down, no question, contestant number 6:
Algenist Pore Corrector Anti-Aging Primer!!! 10/10
I’m definitely going to buy the full size! (Which is rare for me because I don’t like commitment hahaha)
1 oz. on Amazon is $34 or $29 with prime subscribe and save (way cheaper than sephora or ulta etc.)
Algenist Pore Corrector Anti-Aging Primer

This primer made my pores the least visible and made my skin the smoothest.  It also lasted all day which isn’t easy because my skin is pretty oily.  I also liked that it didn’t clog my pores like some of the others did.  Not to mention, it smells the best out of all them too, which is a big win in my book.  Good job, Algenist.


1st Runner Up 9/10
Benefit Porefessional
0.75oz. is $31 (slightly more expensive per ounce than Algenist)
Benefit Porefessional
IMG_3394I did really like this one and if it weren’t for the great smell the Algenist one has, I’d say this one is as good…almost.  It’s slightly thicker than the Algenist one, but works very well.  It also has a nice subtle tint to it and you can apply it on top of your makeup as the day goes on if you feel so inclined.


The rest of them…


Clinique Super Primer 7/10
Clinique SuperPrimer
1 oz. $27
I’m usually a Clinique junkie.  I use their foundation, face creams, serums, acne products, and eyeshadow, but this product let me down.  I think if you already have good skin, this would just smooth it out a bit and help your makeup last longer, but if you have visible pores and/or oily skin, this isn’t going to do the job. I was going to give it a lower rating, but I think it’s better than it worked for me as long as you have the right skin for it!

Smashbox Photo Finish 7/10
Smashbox Photo Finish
1 oz. $36
Everyone raves about this product but I didn’t think it was that amazing.  It rolls up a lot after you put it on.  I was trying to put my makeup on over top and it was peeling off or coming off in little rolled up balls out of any pores or wherever it had settled in.  I thought maybe it had gotten old but I also had a foil pack of it I tried and it did the same.  What stayed on my face worked decently.  I then had to worry all day that my face was going to look like it was peeling off. Maybe this is another one you need already smooth skin for.  I don’t qualify haha.

Lorac Porefection 6/10
Lorac Porefection Primer
1.7 oz. $32
I feel like this one is slightly thicker version of the Smashbox one and acts the same on my skin.  Doesn’t give me smooth lasting coverage.  Once again, maybe it’s just my skin type that it isn’t good for. Smells bad.

Julep Blank Canvas  2/10
Julep Blank Canvas
1 oz.  $28
This was my least favorite of the bunch as it could not have more closely replicated the scent of a public restroom (Admittedly my sense of smell would rival a bear’s hahaha so maybe it isn’t so bad to a normal nose).  It didn’t have the roll-up problem like Smashbox and Lorac have, however it was sort of sticky.  My makeup wouldn’t spread out or blend on it, it just stuck wherever it first made contact.  It also did NOT keep my skin matte.  After about 5 hours my forehead and nose were as shiny as they had ever been without a primer, maybe worse.  Yikes.  Maybe this works for people with a normal sense of smell and dry skin? But I was really really disappointed with this product especially because the reviews on Julep were so high!


I know there are SO many primers out there, these are the 6 that seemed most promising for my skin.  I’m very happy with the Algenist one.  Feel free to comment any primers you love so I can check those out too!! 🙂


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