The Winners, The Losers, and the Undecided + Coupon Codes

Now that a few months have passed since I delved into to the crazy subscription box world, there are a few subscriptions that have stuck out as ones I really like, and some I didn’t like so much, and a few I simply haven’t made my mind up on yet.  Check them out!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 

Here are some of my favorite subscriptions so far!
Refer to previous blog posts for more information on any boxes!

$10 off Follow Link, no code needed


Follow Link and use code REFER5 for $5 off
$39.95 a month or save with longer subscription


BeautyCon BFF
$29 quarterly or $99 a year plus $6.99 shipping per quarter


Glossy Box
Free Doucce Wear Lip Gloss follow link and use code: GLOSSYLIP
Free Ardency Modster Eye Powder follow link and use code: EYEPOWDER
$21 monthly or save with longer subscription


Book of the Month
Follow link and use code: BOOK10 for $10 off 3 or 12 month subscription
$11.99-$16.99 /month depending on length of subscription


$9.99 + $5 shipping /month or save with longer subscription


BarkBox Bark Shop
FREE month with new subscription use code GOLDENBJORN
FREE mystery treat with Bark Shop purchase use code C4QNR5SM
$19-$29 a month depending on subscription length
Extra toy club $9 / month


Pup Joy
$23 – $44 a box


FREE 1st and 5th box follow link use code W4NC4CKQP 
$11.99 / box


The Losers 

The following are boxes I tried but decided not to continue with.

I know a lot of you love Ipsy, and I love most of the products that I see they offered in a given month, for some reason I never get any of those.  It literally felt like they looked at my beauty profile and gave me every product I wouldn’t like.  I gave them 3 months with no improvement, so I gave up.  The bags are cute but a bit too small for my everyday use, so I’m giving them a break for a while.  I might sign up again in the future!

In all fairness, they are just getting started and will probably improve over time, but I felt like the quality was lacking in the products.  I would rather have less stuff but higher quality.  The shirt wasn’t soft, the necklace had a weird chemical smell, and even though I do like the crossbody bag, it’s poor quality.  This stuff is even with or less than the quality you would get at Forever21.  I didn’t feel like it was right for me.


Pet Treater
This box had a ton of stuff in it for the price, I’ll give it that.  What I didn’t like about it was that I didn’t see us using most of the stuff, or wasn’t happy with the quality.  Bjorn didn’t like the homemade treats.  I didn’t like that all the hair easily fell out of the giant blue made in China monster toy.  The blanket was functional but not for us… you get the idea.  Lots of value, but only if you are into the products.




These are boxes I like but not sure if I will continue or not, or I plan on getting sporadically.

Covet Crate
$84.95 / month for the Lady Boss Box
$44.95 for the Girl Boss Box
Use code SUBADDICTION25 for 25% off your first box
The reason I’m undecided on this one is the price.  I got the January Girl Boss box and then signed up for March’s Lady Boss Box but I’m skipping April.  This is a bit much for me to do every month on top of all the other boxes, but is definitely one I think I’ll consider on a periodic basis.  The stuff is very high quality and fits a monthly theme.  The boxes sell out way ahead of time, so make sure to sign up early.
Covet Crate January

$10 monthly or $110 yearly
Birchbox is turning into Ipsy for me.  They just don’t quite get me right.  I know it’s impossible to give everyone what they want, but I would expect them to be more accurate based on the profiles we fill out.  For example both my February and March boxes contain perfume samples by the same exact brand and both have Coola sunscreens in them.  Not only do I think you shouldn’t get repeat products, but I specifically gave these two products low ratings in my February box because I didn’t like them! haha This hasn’t been the theme in the past, but I don’t want this to happen again.
feb birchbox
march Birchbox

$21 /month
I do love some of the Boxycharm boxes, I just wasn’t keen on the February one, or the March spoilers.  They generally have an incredible value for the $21/month they cost, but I hope these two boxes aren’t an indication of their future ones.  I’ll keep them for now, as they do offer so much value!

The Bookish Box
$29.99 / month or less with longer subscription
I really like these boxes and I think they are perfect if you like bookish stuff.  My problem is that I’m simultaneously a shopaholic and a minimalist.  I want to get all the stuff, but I don’t want to keep it in my house, and if I do it has to be perfectly organized out of sight in its designated spot lol.  Case in point: I love this stuff but have too much anxiety trying to find homes for it around my home without it getting too busy. Refer to previous post to see more about this box and a coupon code.

Pearlesque Box
$39.99 /monthly
This is a box that I like a lot but don’t see myself getting every month.  It’s about $40 a month and gives natural, non-toxic, organic beauty products from different locations around the world.  Each month has a different brand and at least one full sized item.  I think I’ll only get this sporadically depending on the brand and products they are offering that month which they always tell you ahead of time.  I don’t go through enough products to warrant getting this every month.  I’d be overflowing.  I do really like this box though!!

BeautyFix by Dermstore
$24.95 / month
I think I love this one more than I actually love it, if that makes any sense.  The box is about $25 a month (enter your e-mail on their mailing list for 15% off).  It offers a super high value for the price.  But to explain what I meant by the first statement, I love it because it’s a high value with cool looking stuff, but at the end of the day I’m not sure I love or use all the products.  Some I do and love a lot, but I’m starting to question myself on some of them, and often the samples are for products that are too expensive for me to buy the full-size of, so I’m just confused and love it but maybe I shouldn’t. Lol. (hopefully that rant made some sort of sense).  You’ll have to check it out for yourself. You do get a discount if you buy any of the full-size versions though so that’s a plus!
dermstore feb

Julep Maven
$24.99 / month 
I’m not very dedicated in the nailpolish department.  I have many, but I don’t paint my nails very often because it seems like such a hassle.  Julep polishes last fairly long compared to any drug store brands and about the same as OPI.  I do really like their top coats. I can only speak on their face primer which I hated, but I haven’t tried any other beauty products by them so I’ll hang on to it for a while to see what I think.




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