The Bookish Box


The Bookish Box by Appraising Pages is a monthly box which includes an appraising pages t-shirt and other bookish stuff (bookmarks, notebooks, totes, candles, etc) based on a monthly theme. March’s theme was debut novels.  Admittedly, I had no idea what books the items were based on because I hadn’t read of heard of them, but the items are cute nonetheless.  If you have read these debut novels then you would appreciate it all the more.

The Bookish Box is $29.99/mo. or cheaper if you buy a longer subscription.  Occasionally they offer special limited edition boxes.  In the past there has been a “Supernatural” themed box, and coming up this April there will be an “Outlander” box.  I happen to LOVE Outlander, and am signed up for that one.

Check out The Bookish Box !!!

Check out last month’s box here: February Bookish Box


The March Box included a t-shirt, a pillow cover, a booklet of post-its, LulaBelle &Co. earrings, and a bath bomb!































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