Fall 2016 FabFitFun + $10 Off

FabFitFun is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box.  They include a fitness related item, beauty products, accessories, gift cards, the list goes on.

Price: $49/quarter. (less if you buy a year up front)
Get $10 off your first FabFitFun box, follow link: FabFitFun


Check out all the great stuff that was included in this season’s box:


This Box Included:

  • ModCloth Loch and Key Blanket Scarf – Value $34.99
  • The Created Co. To-Go 16oz. Coffee Mug – Value $19.00
  • Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection – Value $50.00
  • Spongelle Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer – Value $16.00
  • Mullein & Sparrow French Lavender Body Oil – Value $18.00
  • Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum – Value $50.00
  • The BrowGal Brow Gel – Value $20.00
  • Toe sox Toeless Fitness Socks – Value $17.00
  • FabFitFun Coloring Book and Colored Pencils – Value $16.00
  • Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes – (42 Count) – sponsored item
  • Secret Outlast Xtend Clear Gel Completely Clean Deodorant Travel Size

Total Box Value: About $240





At this time the Fall box is sold out as far as I understand but the $10 Off can apply to your winter box (ships in December) or one of their Welcome boxes.
As usual this box had a huge value for a comparatively small price! 🙂

Review of September Empties Round 3

The Last of my September empties reviews!



Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster: 9/10
Smells Good
Goes on nicely alone, under makeup, or with a moisturizer
Gave me glowing plumped skin.

Lancome Vissionaire Advanced Skin Corrector: 9/10
I sort of want to give this a 10/10, but I didn’t get to use it long enough to know for sure.  I saw a huge decrease in pore visibility, smooth acne free skin, decrease in fine lines.  Smells awesome and has a very pleasant non-greasy non-tacky texture.  Moisturizing enough that you can get away with using it alone, or could easily top with a moisturizer if you have dry skin.


Vichy Liftactiv CxP Total : 7/10
I’m no sure this product is available anymore
It smells great, like most Vichy products do.  Nice consistency – neither too thick nor watery.  Goes well under other products. Made skin look dewy but didn’t see any improvement in pores or overall texture.

Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA Eyes: 8/10
It’s pretty thick, but absorbs well.
Smells okay.
Saw decrease in fine lines but no improvement in dark circles
Wasn’t a large enough sample to see long term results, but it seemed pretty good so far.


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation: 6/10
It has a nice texture but it really highlighted my flaws.  Didn’t give much coverage, and if you already had nice skin then it might be great for you, but for me it gathered in my pores and made them look even more pronounced.

Benefit Puff Off: 6/10
The gal at Ulta recommended this to me when I was looking for a good product to try to decrease my eye puffiness I experience almost on the daily.  I have tried pretty much all the anti-puff products on the market, and this one didn’t stick out as working that well.  It works okay, but irritated my eyes a bit.  Takes too long to de-puff so I’m not sure if it was just depufing over time or taking effect.  May be good if you experience just a little bit of puffiness, but I need something a little more hardcore.

Skin Fix Lip Repair Balm 6/10
Really greasy inconsistent texture
Didn’t see any improvement in my lip skin anymore than any other average chapstick.
**Along with puffy eyes I’ve always struggled with perpetually chapped lips. Recently I found this Neova Cu3 Intensive Lip Repair and this stuff is absolutely life changing.  I basically had new lips overnight.  Definitely worth a try if you’ve struggled with cracked or chapped lips.


Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-repair Cleansing Gel: 4/10
Smells like the disinfectant they use at my veterinarian’s office.
Gooey and hard to spread and doesn’t lather
Didn’t clean well at all

Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Cleansing Gel: 6/10
Works better than the rose one but not much
Cleans a little better and doesn’t smell as bad but I wasn’t impressed.


Borghese Fango Essenziali Purify Sheet Mask: 7/10
Very cooling. Gets rid of any swelling, redness, or irritation.
Didn’t see any improvement in pores and wouldn’t say it was particularly deep cleansing.


Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser: 6/10
Smells okay
Very gentle and would be good for sensitive skin
Doesn’t wash makeup or oil off very well, I always had to follow up with another cleanser or scrub
The pump on this bottle stopped working after a few uses and would just shoot out liquid that hadn’t foamed up

Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Body Concentrate: 7/10
Smells Good
Very light
Moisture doesn’t last long enough for dry skin
Saw improvement in texture
Not sure it is worth how expensive it is given how often I had to reapply because the moisture doesn’t last very long

Review of September Empties Round 2

The Reviews Continue!!
As mentioned in my last post, I really tried to use a lot of stuff up in September, and I’m continuing to do so until I make a major dent in the ridiculous amount of products I need to use lol.


Sheseido Pureness Refreshing Cleansing Sheets : 9/10
Smell amazing
Remove makeup well
No sticky residue
***At Nordstrom right now there is a high value GWP if you buy ANY TWO Shiseido Skin Care Products – 4 Options to choose from Shiseido GWP

Sanitas Lemon Cream Scrub : 9/10
It appears they have updated their packaging, and good thing, because my main complaint was how difficult it was to get the product out of the previous containers.
Smells great
Nice exfoliant – slightly grainier than vasanti and slightly less than laura mercier
Almost like a cream cleanser and exfoliant combined so it cleanses well and exfoliates


Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening : 9/10
I switched to this from Crest ProHealth and I’m never going back.  It has a nicer texture, I have noticed a distinct decrease in sensitivity in my teeth, and a little bit of whitening too.
My one complaint is that it’s difficult to get all the toothpaste out because it won’t stay rolled up like a normal toothpaste container would.

Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Day SPF18 : 9/10
I’m pretty new to using Shiseido products and they have totally won me over.  This product is no exception.  I have combination skin and I wore this under my makeup with no issues at all.  So smooth and smells great.  Love it!

Ahava Mineral Body Lotion – Sea Kissed: 9/10
Really Fresh Scent
Isn’t greasy and didn’t make skin feel all hot and clogged
Average hydration – probably not enough for people with extremely dry skin
Great for everyday use
Not a thick creamy texture


Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil: 5/10
Didn’t see any improvement in scars or stretch marks
Doesn’t soak in very well, stays oily and greasy for a long time
Reasonably Priced

Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Eye Cream: 4/10
Doesn’t irritate or slide into my eyes over time
Saw no visible improvement in any way
Seemed to develop little bumps along edge of eye skin


Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Cleansing Foam: 5/10
Really expensive
Nice texture
Overly perfumed
Mediocre cleansing

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer: 6/10
I couldn’t get over the strong terrible scent enough to give this a real try.   I put it on my neck because having it on my face was too strong and stinky.  Even on my neck the scent was bad.  Maybe it works well, but I can’t tolerate the stench.

Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Scrub: 6/10
The scent of this isn’t as strong as the Juice Beauty moisturizer, but it’s equally terrible.
It smells almost identical to the soaps in public restrooms, which I wasn’t keen on washing my face with.
Mediocre exfoliation.


Jane Matte Bronzing Powder: 7/10
This probably doesn’t deserve a 7 but this was always my go to bronzer in high school.  I branched out and started trying new ones so this is a really old one that fell by the wayside.  I decided it was time to finally part ways.  I’m not even sure they still sell this, so probably a good thing I moved on haha

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation: 5/10
Great shades
Chalky / Cakey on skin
Doesn’t last / separates on skin especially if I become oily
Decent pore coverage
Clings to any little peach fuzz

Products I would repurchase

I forgot the mention the Beauty Protector Leave in : 10/10
I am soooo In love with that product. There aren’t many hair products I haven’t tried, and this definitely belongs in my all time favorites.  I now use this every time I wash my hair.  Smells amazing, detangles well, doesn’t make hair greasy or leave residue even if I apply it near my roots.

Review of September Empties Round 1


In September I really tried to force myself to finish up a lot of samples I was accumulating (I feel like I need to continue at this rate or better for the rest of the year to put a dent in them haha).  Some I loved, and some were mediocre at best.  We all have different skin types and the right thing for one is not for another so I will preface this by mentioning I have fair/light combination skin.  My main concerns are enlarged pores and fine lines/wrinkles.  I have severe eye puffiness in the morning and some mild redness on cheeks.  I get a few breakouts now and again but nothing too extreme.
Here are my reviews of these products and will be posting another one about the rest of the ones I finished in September too 🙂


1.Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment  :  8/10
Smells decent
Gave skin a better texture
Skin more plump
No irritation

2.  Ole Henriksen Sheer Tranformation :  5/10
I know a lot of people rave about how awesome this is, but it just didn’t do it for me, especially not at this price point.
Smells mediocre (I’m a very scent sensitive person, “Scensitive” if you will)
Didn’t notice any improvement in my skin and if anything my pores seemed enlarged like it clogged my skin up a bit. Not for me.


3. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner: 6/10
Smells good
Wasn’t very volumizing for me
Roots greasy and ends dry
Not effective for price point at all


4.  Sephora Orchid Eye Mask: 8/10
Easy to apply
Didn’t slide down my face
Saw immediately better eye skin texture and tone
Didn’t last a long time, but may see more long term improvement if used more often


5.  Acure Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub: 8/10
I was initially put off by this because of the way it looked and felt, and the smell is a bit different too, but I actually grew to really like it.
Cleanses Deeply
Smell grew on me
Doesn’t overdry
Looks a bit gross


6. Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Night Emulsion  9/10
Love this stuff!!!
Smells Amazing
Didn’t irritate my skin or clog pores
Made skin very soft and smooth
Didn’t break out at all while using this (I get occasional breakouts usually with things that clog my pores)

 7. Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser : 10/10
Undeniably my favorite face cleanser of all time!
Is it meant for men? Yes, but oh well.  haha
Anthony even has the tagline: “Developed for men, borrowed by women”.  I can see why.
This cleanser somehow cleans everything off, doesn’t over dry, or leave residue, and smells great while it does it.  Definitely not a masculine scent, very light sort of citrus fresh smell.
Very smooth texture, doesn’t lather, just sort of smooths on and works its magic.


8. Nest Moroccan Amber Candle : 9/10
The quality of this candle is unmatched by any candle I have ever encountered, I’m only giving it a 9 because I’m not 100% in love with the scent,
These candles last forever, release so much scent in such a short period of time, and my personal favorite: they don’t smoke for very long after you blow them out like many candles do, which I feel ruins the whole scent of the room by making it smell burnt.  These smoke for like 1 second and then done.  I wish they offered more scents, and were less expensive, but you are really getting an amazing candle here.  I’ve always bought yankee candles or bath and body works, and these blow them out of the water.


9. Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Concentrate : 7/10
This has a nice texture and didn’t work it’s way into my eyes like some seem to do.  It’s moisturizing without being greasy and did seem to improve tone.
I didn’t, however, see any improvement in lines and wrinkles.  I would say this is good for young skin to keep it looking young but not very repairing if you’re already showing signs of aging.


10. Ulta Nectarine Rose Body Lotion : 7/10
This isn’t a product I will never use again simply because the scent didn’t smell good on me and like many lotions it made my skin feel hot like it couldn’t  breath.
I will say though, it has some great ingredients, and if you like the scents this could be a great lotion for you.  It’s also at a relatively cheap price point so definitely a good deal if you like it!!


11. Tarte Lights Camera Action Mascara : 6/10
This mascara is such a love hate for me.
I love the wand and the way the formula goes on, it’s volumizing and lengthening without getting clumpy or looking unnatural.
I hate how quickly the mascara dries out.  I didn’t have it very long, but it was so dry and gross I couldn’t even get it to close all the way.  It also flakes a lot on me by the end of the day.


12. Glytone Sunscreen Lotion SPF40 : 9/10
I really like this sunscreen! It has a great non-greasy texture and lasts a long time. If you have combination or oily skin I would definitely say this would be good for you. Doesn’t look all white and gross and can be worn on body or even under makeup.  Some sunscreens irritate my skin, but this one doesn’t.  Nice light scent.  Definitely worth a try!


13. Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum : 8/10
This has been one of my go to products for years now.  It’s not perfect but it has been one of the best for pores that I have used.
I’m not sure it has made any long term improvements in my pores (I’m not even sure that it’s possible for a product to do that), but whenever I have it on my skin looks amazing.
It gives a healthy matte look.  Works amazing under makeup or alone.  Doesn’t clog pores at all like many products used to reduce pore visibility, and a little goes a long way.